Hvar – Local Restaurants, Wines, and Specialties For Yacht Charters

Hvar - Local Restaurants, Wines, and Specialties For Yacht Charters

We take you to the interior of the sunniest Adriatic islands, where boaters are offered top-quality food and wine in the unique ambiances of small and primitive villages Mediterranean culture. Hvar.

For yachting enthusiasts, these four letters have an almost mythical meaning. appreciation. The most famous Croatian island during the summer turns into a theater on open, full of Life. Superyacht owners and students full of expectations together they cut through small streets full of history, world stars they anchor in the Pakleni islands together with small boats, all complete with the same goal – to inhale as much of the Hvar elixir of Life as possible and lose the notion of time. With the arrival of autumn, Hvar becomes less extravagant, and his Mediterranean character is much more pronounced. For many boaters, Hvar autumn is a new summer because of the feeling of nature and a relaxed way of life it is not possible without good food and wine, so this text is intended for boaters who like to enjoy local specialties.

In doing so, we did decide to sail a little different territory, so we want to recommend places in the interior of this special island, where the Mediterranean early and tradition very much alive and vibrant. Spontaneity is central to this story leitmotif, and the realization of sea dreams through slow food, field scents, or sunsets in intimate coves will open the door to every sailor of a completely different universe, which this island shows to those who are ready to explore and peek a little deeper into the broad soul of Hvar. Near the city Hvar, a few years ago Stari Grad and Jelsa were in a great position rail on the map of favorite anchorages in the Split archipelago, and the summer crowd on embroideries showed that the northern side of Hvar has a lot of trump cards with which attracts sailors. Outside the Charming city streets, unique scenery Ancient stories that these towns abound in hiding a fairytale world small villages, stone houses, the scent of lavender and artistic compositions dry stone walls in which the rich history of Dalmatia flourishes.

Our gastro-route nautical autumn on Hvar offers scenes from old ‘cards’, and traditional taverns and wineries provide a unique island story.

Konoba Rugonj – Stari Grad

After you dock in one of the safest natural harbors on the Adriatic sea, now get to know the fascinating world of Petar Hektorovic and his Fortress, in which all the beings of God have a space for Life, soak up the atmosphere Kovitog Skora. find out why it is as cold in Siberia as in Siberia, Old town field, as the locals call it, “Starogrojsko polje” is the best way to spread cultural perspectives and enjoy the scents and flavors of traditional whose length is more than 2400 years. Tavern Rugonj, run by Mihael Lupi, was created four years ago with the idea of ​​providing an authentic experience on an island that doesn’t just boil down to four basic items: come, sit, eat and pay. For sailors who want to visit this place in the middle UNESCO heritage, friendly hosts offer transportation, but for those who decide to come here “on their feet” or by bike the road will not be excessive, difficult, and tiring, because Rugonj is a little less distant from the Old Town of three kilometers, and a walk through the vineyards and vineyards, with many other If you have a rich past, it is a special experience. This tavern in the middle of fertile fields its menu is based on homemade and tried delicacies, such as goat cheese made by Michael’s brother, prosciutto, home-grown vegetables, and of the Teran floodplains that Hvar abounds in. It is a special experience to warm up with a warm chimney and Wait for meat or fish delicacies at dusk when the sun sinks into the blue of the sea.

Tavern Vrisnik

For two decades, the Grgitevié family has run a tavern that has become one of the favorite gastronomic ports in the interior of this part of the island. The word of mouth here has done a great job because during the summer here the place should be booked at least a few days in advance. Screamer is a charming village that ‘grows’ at the foot of a hill on which style church of st. Antuna Opata. The tavern is located at the very beginning ‘Mista’, and already upon entering you will have the feeling as if you have been invited to a family meal. Andro and ProSper Grgigevic will win you over with their honest hospitality, and Mrs. Julia’s kitchen sincerely and full sima traditional food. Prsut, cheese, various cold appetizers, risottos, octopuses represent only an introduction to the offer, and how the place is occupied by a large hearth, it is easy to conclude that they are the main forte menus of grilled and baked dishes. On the ‘organ’, as in the Vrisnik tavern, They call this place, conducted by God, who brought the baking technique to an end to perfection. At the same time, side dishes with meat and fish dishes do not play a role, even potato salad and polenta with zucchini show all the simplicity and ingenuity of Mediterranean cuisine. In the beautiful garden, on which tables are set on small terraces, is enjoyed by many boaters who decided to moor in nearby Jelsa, Vrboska, Old Town, and because of the great food, guests know how to pull to Andre from Hvar. Tavern Vrisnik is a real example of honest gastronomy because you will become a regular guest whenever you are on the island.

Tavern Maslina

Vrisnik – where the old road to Jelsa winds towards the fields and merges with tame Hvar landscape, and olive trees and vine vines show the way, the tavern Maslina is located, as its name suggests, in the olive grove. ‘Spectacular view of Svirce, Vrbanj, Pitve, Jelsa and Brag, rustic ~ the fan ambiance and the ‘outrageously’ good position will show you all the treasures Hvar autumn while the specialties of Hvar are exchanged at the table of Hvar’s gastronomy. It is especially pleasant to stay in Maslina during the evening with sunset and listen to the silence. Tavern Maslina is one of the few which makes a traditional Dalmatian dish ‘Skartoceta’, which used to be cooked only for special occasions, and ‘viasnici’ with dessert – ice cream with figs on average.

Olive Garden OPG Gamulin – Pitve

Unlike other places where you will sit and order food, in Olive Garden, you have the opportunity to prepare the government together with protects the meal. Mario and Haja decided a few years ago to merge art into a unique experience of the island. Self-sustaining stone the house in picturesque Pitve has become the place where the course is held cooking called ‘From Garden to Table’, and we would add a media course Teran way of life. This Hvar ‘Story’ is full of aperitifs that are enriched with spiced herbs and tasting olive oil. After that, there is an apron and preparing traditional dishes with the assistance of valuables hosts who will, in addition to recipes, honor you with beautiful stories about Hvar and its history. Along the way, you can also enjoy Haja’s artwork bearing the Art of Heart sign. But the most valuable thing you will take from It is a question of the humor, warmth, and love with which Mario and Haja run this project. Tonci Marijan – Pitve Along with the old lavender factory in Pitve, the most beautiful verses are dedicated wine, and especially the Plavac Mali variety. Toni Marijan joined the ‘wine NBA’ when he won the historic, first Decanter Gold for Iron Bod in 2012. in the category of wine over 50 pounds, and this most important Dalmatian red variety ranked among the relevant world wines. Former director of Badel and Dalmatia- the public in a small paradise on earth on earth is dealing with a boutique, we could say and artisan, wine production, in which there are some labels filled in just a few hundred bottles. Currently, 17 labels include bogdanuša, pošip, grk, but his favorite variety is Plavac Mali, which like a jeweler grinds until it becomes a masterpiece like heavy artillery in the shape of Vron Bod, but also prosecco from dried berries, of black gold that destroys all previous postulates about this wine. At the same time, Tonti Marijan is making his own olive oil, he plans to do so soon and sourdough, and in addition to classic tasting, it also offers Slow-Food. Hvar Gregada and lobster pasta are on the menu, and those who want can help Tonči Marijan prepare food while enjoying a unique wine story.

Konoba Stari Komin – Malo Groblje

Although this tavern is a bit out of hand, whether you are in Hvar or Stari Grad, Stari Komin is a trip not to be missed. Located in Mali Grablje, a village that was abandoned during the fifties of the last century, when the pest was called phylloxera destroyed the vineyards and other agriculture of the area, the tavern Stari the chimney offers the atmosphere of Fellini and the Chronicles of Narnia. There are two roads leading to the Old Chimney, equally beautiful and mystical, the one across Hvar and Milna to Mali Grablje or via Stari Grad and Veli Grablje. U near the turn for Velo Grablje there is a spectacular lookout point which offers a beautiful view of the Old Town Bay, and what waiting for you in Little Rake deserves an Oscar for special effects. As you enter the village, you feel as if the time machine has taken you back at least 50 years, to Dalmatia, which is more difficult to find today. Among the stone | furniture of the Old Chimney house, you will find by its smell and sound. Tavern owner Berti sings dalmatian traditional songs as he greets guests and offers them homemade brandy. The menu includes traditional dishes such as prosciutto, cheese, salted anchovies, lamb, or peka.

Vinarija Tomić – Jelsa

The Tomić family from the island of Hvar is known for its top wines and sofas acquired a recognizable identity that he has nurtured for years, as well as by respecting the art, literature, customs, and history of the island Hvar and the Mediterranean. Andro Tomić, the author of one of the most beautiful sentences dedicated to wine: ‘drink by the hour, not by the liter’, opened his own winery in 1993 in which Hvar is the main inspiration. In the Tomić winery, will take you on a wine trip through Hvar to Triclinium, a tasting room built on the model of Diocletian’s cellars. The unique ambience of Triclinium is a place where you can get to know all the Emperors of Hvar wine and history. When you decide to visit a beautiful family the building of the Tomi winery in the bay of Mina in Jelsa on Hvar, will be clear to you the meaning of Tomić’s island philosophy. Wines are made from different varieties, dominated by domestic indigenous Dalmatian varieties Plavac Mali, as a black variety, and pošip and bogdanuša as white varieties, The two new surprises of the Tomić family are the Tomić selection, extra virgin organic olive oil, and Tomić Rajska kvasina.

Useful Information:

For all places in the text, we recommend an announcement or reservation, selfish when it comes to meals or wine tastings that are needed to be prepared earlier. Most of them also offer transportation for boaters, but that’s all it is best to communicate by phone or email. All facilities except Stori komin, are located relatively close to the Old Town, Vrboska or Yes, so they are very easy to reach by scooters or bicycles.

To visit tavern Rugonj contact Mihael Lupi (+385 (0) 95 508 5596), Prosper Grgičević is in charge of information about the Vrisnik tavern (+385 (0) 91 578 7351), tavern Maslina is run by Borivoj Bojanić (+385 (0) 91 353 7462), for Olive Garden OPG Gamulin you can order via Marija Gamulin (+385 (0) 91 234 8808), and for Stari Komin contact Bertie Tudor (+385 (0) 91 527 6408). Tonči Marijan gladly will take you through the wine cellar and present your wines if you call +385 (0) 92 141 0048, while for tastings in the winery To- You can call on +385 (0) 21 762 015. For those who want to experience tailor-made trips around Hvar, the agency Private Tours Croatia and Mira Strujić (+385 (0) 91 728 2828) are a great choice.

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